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The main house and pool
Master bedroom
Loft and garden
Swimming pool
Living room
Dining area
Plantation and relaxing area
Swimming pool

Who we are

A happy family of 5, already. Maria Rita was born this May!

We grew up and were educated in a small environment surrounded by nature. André in Funchal (Madeira island) and I in Lamego (in the North of the country). We started to build our family in Lisbon, surrounded by buildings and with little or no nature to enjoy.


With the arrival of Manuel we realised that we lacked something. We needed space (preferably green) and fresh air for the kids.


In 2015 we found the piece of the dream that we were looking for - a piece of land in the Alentejo that would become our second project of life - our Family was, and will always be, the first!

André's passion and teachings from his father - João -allowed him to learn enough about land, plants and take risks to continue to innovate and go further.

With this, with a lot of self-study, and sacrifice, the agricultural project that is growing today in the hills around Monte da Casa do João was born. Passion Fruit and Prickly pear... an adventure in the Mountains of Grândola, just like the adventure of life we have had the privilege of experiencing.

Tourism comes from our need to be surrounded by people, to meet new people and to open the doors of our home, and of our history, to the World.

Today, André, me, Margarida and Manel (and also Maria Rita) are ready to welcome you.

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